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Typical Cruise Itineraries

The Pelagian cruises the outer reefs and surrounding atolls of the Wakatobi Archipelago.

The graphic below illustrates the general cruising area. Each cruise is different because seasons, weather conditions, currents, visibility, water temperatures all determine what dive areas and dive sites we visit. We also vary the type of dive sites based on the experience level of the diving group and interest in specific types of marine life. It's all very flexible to allow for the best possible cruise for each group. The dive flags below do not represent the actual dive sites, we have many more to choose from than what we can include on an overview map like this.

Sample Itineraries

The tables below are just samples of possible cruises. They are only shown to give you a rough idea of what a Pelagian cruise might look like. Your trip may be totally different but would certainly include some of these locations and dive sites.

For a description of Pelagian Dive Sites - Click Here!

7 Day Cruise - (six days diving)
Dive Site Name Location
1Coral Garden Wangi Wangi
2Wangi Wangi Bay Wangi Wangi
3Alice in Wonderland Wangi Wangi
4Escape Buton - Batuturo
5Gone With the Wind Buton - Batuturo
6Bianca 2Buton - Pasar Wajo
7Magic PierButon - Pasar Wajo
8Cheeky BeachButon - Pasar Wajo
9Asphalt PierButon - Pasar Wajo
10Asphalt PierButon - Pasar Wajo
11Magic PierButon - Pasar Wajo
12Fish MarketKapote
13Fish MarketKapote
14Terrace GardenHoga
15Hoga Buoy #5Hoga
16Inner PinnacleHoga
17Outer PinnacleHoga
18Inner PinnacleHoga
19Hoga Buoy #4Hoga
20Fish WallBinongko
21Cavern WallBinongko
23Dunia BaruTomia
25Teluk WaitiiTomia
snorkelTable Color CityTomia
25Total dives
10 Day Cruise - (nine days diving)
Dive Site Name Location
3Teluk MayaTomia
4Dunia BaruTomia
1Inner PinnacleHoga (Kaledupa)
2Outer PinnacleHoga (Kaledupa)
3Terrace GardensHoga (Kaledupa)
4Hoga Buoy #5Hoga (Kaledupa)
1Alice in WonderlandWangi Wangi
2Alice in WonderlandWangi Wangi
3North LighthouseWangi Wangi
4Rolling StonesWangi Wangi
2Gone with the WindButon
3Cheeky BeachButon - Pasar Wajo
4Bianca 2Buton - Pasar Wajo
1Asphalt PierButon - Pasar Wajo
2Asphalt PierButon - Pasar Wajo
3Cheeky BeachButon - Pasar Wajo
4Magic PierButon - Pasar Wajo
1Asph. PierButon - Pasar Wajo
2Cheeky BeachButon - Pasar Wajo
3(Explore)The BargeButon - Pasar Wajo
4Magic PierButon - Pasar Wajo
1Fishmarket S-NWangi Wangi
2Fishmarket N-SWangi Wangi
3Outer PinnacleHoga (Kaledupa)
1Fish WallBinongko
2Cavern WallBinongko
3BladeKarang Kaledupa
4Waitii TelukKarang Kaledupa
1Table Coral CityTomia
3Table Coral CityTomia
35Total dives

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