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Wakatobi's Dive Yacht Pelagian

Imagine 115' / 36 meter of the finest motoryacht. A true exploration yacht built out of steel that's got a proven record of exceptional dive cruises spanning decades. Now in finer condition than ever before Pelagian is ready to pamper you and yours!

Boutique-hotel style accommodations and outstanding service: Pelagian.

master suite
The Pelagian Master Suite. See more photos.
What guests are saying....
"Absolutely first class in every respect from top to bottom. Attention given to every detail! The Pelagian crew was top notch from the diving service to the daily meals. World Class!"
Greg Gallagher
July 2013
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This spacious vessel will make you feel like you're on a private yacht charter. There are no crowds, only ten guests!

Spacious and elegant guest areas, outstanding amenities and the most incredible marine life round off a vacation aboard Pelagian.

Few (if any) live-aboards around the world, can boast the comfort and level of personalized attention found on Wakatobi's premier live-aboard. See for yourself! Explore the information, images and videos we've provided and be your own judge. Be aware that in the videos provided here you will not see the brand spanking new and absolutely gorgeous interior. We are working on that and ask that you instead consider the photos and reach out to us with your questions and requests.

Our Wakatobi Concierges can answer your questions and help you design the dive holiday of your dreams!

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        of Wakatobi's Outer Reaches

Luxury accommodations and services . . . .

Managed and operated by Wakatobi Dive Resort, Pelagian offers the same high standards of guest services as our land-based operations - but in a more intimate setting. With a maximum of 10 guests, this 115-foot yacht provides more comforts than any other dive liveaboard. Spacious outdoor decks, multiple lounges and dining spaces allow you to choose the level of social interaction or privacy you desire.

Our pre-dive area provides ample space for donning and doffing equipment and camera care. Combine this with our passion for delivering outstanding guest services, and you'll think you're on your own private yacht!

What could be better than experiencing one of the most incredible marine life regions of the world in such a setting?

Pelagian Specs
Pelagian Layout
Pelagian Specs
Boat Photos
Choose a cabin to meet your preferences-- from standard through master suite accommodations. All cabins include private bathrooms and individual temperature controls.

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Now you can experience the outer reaches . . .

Pelagian cruises through the islands of Tomia, Kaledupa, Binongko, Hoga, Wanci and Buton -- offering both reefs and muck diving in one cruise.

While some of the coral gardens may not be fully as pristine as those near Wakatobi Dive Resort they will offer you very varied topography and varied vistas. Add to that mesmerizing muck diving (not reefs but sandy - mucky if you wish - substrata covered with stunning critters in every conceivable color).

Whether you like towering pinnacles, steep walls, coral gardens, drift dives, caverns, or caves, the islands in the Wakatobi region offer them all. While Pelagian's cruising route is dependent on seasonal and dive conditions, our skilled staff develop itineraries based on guests' diving and marine-life preferences. Here it's all about helping you create the dive holiday of your dreams!

While Pelagian supports the comprehensive and very successful marine conservation program at Wakatobi Dive Resort the full cruising route that she covers is however not (yet) protected and so you'll see various levels of reef health. While some of the coral gardens may not be fully as pristine as those right near Wakatobi Dive Resort they still offer plenty of reef life and very varied topography. Add to that mesmerizing muck diving (not reefs but sandy - mucky if you wish - substrata covered with stunning critters in every conceivable color). If you wish to contribute so that we can extend the protected area, please contact us or let one of our team members now or during your visit. Thank you.


Marine Identification Guide Flash Format

Our Marine Identification Guide
Enhance your diving experience by learning more about the marine life you will encounter while diving the Wakatobi reefs. Our marine life Identification Guide shows some of the most common sharks, rays, eels, fishes, crustaceans and other "critters" you'll want to know as you immerse yourself in the wonders of underwater Wakatobi. Flash Format View it Now!


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Marine Life News

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Keep the Wakatobi experience alive after you return home or build excitement for your upcoming adventure. See the latest marine life sightings in our Marinelife News!

Check out a video of guest impressions of the Pelagian!

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or watch our Pelagian Video or other videos in our Vimeo gallery.

Something for both returning and new Wakatobi guests!

Enjoy a sampling of both worlds. . . .

If you're a first-time visitor to Wakatobi, why not experience the best of land-based and live-aboard diving, all in one vacation? Book a minimum of five days at the resort and then expand your adventure aboard Pelagian for a few days - or vice versa.

These combo dive adventures offer new guests a way to sample the extraordinary marine life diversity of the Indo-Pacific in total comfort. Our knowledgeable marketing representatives or Wakatobi Concierges can help you with your combo booking.

Pelagian Yacht + Wakatobi Resort = one area,two amazing experiences!

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Experience great diving variety. . . .

If you've dived sites around Wakatobi Dive Resort before, you'll definitely want to expand your dive adventures to the reef systems beyond the island of Tomia. New marine life discoveries lay waiting for you and your camera. Exotic and rare marine life can be found on all dives but if you love muck diving sites like Cheeky Beach and Asphalt Pier are sure to create excitement. If you like sheer cliffs and caves, Tanjung Baturtoro offers something for both wide-angle and macro photographers. But these are only a few of the many and varied sites you'll visit with Pelagian. Why not book the Pelagian for a small group of your friends and explore Wakatobi's outer reaches together?

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